LEMA NetworkLEMA Network

Whether we are developing a brand new system or fixing
the bolts of an existing one, we deliver!

Who we are

LEMA Network was founded in 2007 by young Afghan entrepreneurs in Kabul, Afghanistan. The original idea of the company was to develop computer systems that can revolutionize the IT industry in Afghanistan. Therefore, amazing work for our clients is the forefront . Revolutionizing the IT industry in Afghanistan is our long term goal and through the years we have developed plausible background.

Our team consist of highly educated personnel with years of professional experience who want to explore the boundaries of technologies. We develop differently, we want to make software development revolutionary, fast and even fun. We use the best practices in the industry such as proper testing and collaboration. Most important, we want our customers to be happy with our services and utilize our strengths in the arena of application development and website solutions to enhance their organizational efficiency.


We bring together visionaries and engineers to aim at revolutionizing the IT industry in Afghanistan.

Mission and Values

Achieve profitable growth by integrating cutting edge and state of the art technology into the backbones of organizations to enhance their performance and efficiency. Foundation of LEMA Network is built on our values which distinguishes us from others; Innovation, Teamwork, Commitment, Quality and Ethics.

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