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Through the years, we have mastered the art of
building robust and efficient applications!

Application Development

Designing and developing web and mobile applications require ample technical expertise and great art of craftsmanship, however through the years, we have mastered this art of building robust and efficient applications by providing consistent and professional software development services. Our team realizes the complexity of software development process and being in this business for years, we have identified the core challenges that vitally contribute such as understanding and analyzing client's requirement, application performance, usability and scalability, software development methodology, selection of technology and tools for each application that address the issue, adapting the best practices, application security, GUI (Graphical User Interface) prototyping and teamwork.

The projects carried out by LEMA Network vary in size and complexity, we have proved that complexity and size of any project does not make any difference by assuring all client's needs are met. We insure software quality by properly managing the processes such as design, coding, testing, modification management and stable releases.

Our team has shown its quality in developing web applications for different platforms such as Java, .NET, PHP and Python and integrating a rich and useful set of tools. We have proven great expertise in developing secure and rich mobile applications for Android and iOS operating systems.


SmartClerk office management application

Java TechnologiesMicrosoft .Net
OracleMicrosoft SQL server
Apache CouchDBMongodb
Google AndroidApple iOS
Hibernate ORMSpring Source
Geo ServerOpenLayers

SmartClerk office management application